Social Impact Done Right: Why Nike and Dove Are Teaming Up to Advocate for Girls Sports

We recently discussed whether or not consumers want brands to make social statements with our sister publication, The Hustle. The main consensus is instead of making broad social media statements, consumers want brands to make tangible changes to improve broader communities.

Nike and Dove are doing just that with their recent partnership which is incredibly on-brand and has the potential to make a positive impact.

Last month, Nike and Dove announced a new initiative called Body Confident Sport — a package of coaching tools and resources to build body confidence among 11 to 17-year-old girls through participation in sports.

The two brands conducted a global survey of 2,000 participants to better understand trends related to girls’ participation in sports worldwide. The survey found:

45% of girls drop out of sports during their teenage years due to impacts on body image and self-esteem associated with puberty
74% of the girls surveyed said their coaches positively impacted their confidence

Body Confident Sport equips coaches with the tools and resources they need to instill confidence in their female athletes, making them more likely to continue participating in sports.

Participating in sports has various benefits for women and girls including:

Increased confidence and self-esteem
Decreased risk of health issues like breast cancer and osteoporosis
Better academic performance
Increased leadership, teamwork, and goal-setting skills

Why this partnership makes sense for Dove and Nike

Dove has been a champion for positive body image for years. Through the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the brand has developed various campaigns and resources to support body literacy and confidence in young girls worldwide.

As a leading fitness apparel brand, Nike has a vested interest in the world of athletics and is focused on increasing girls’ participation in sports.

Earlier this year the brand premiered “You Got This” — a YouTube series highlighting the impact of athletic participation for young girls. Nike also partnered with Spotify to develop the Make Moves Fund, which awarded grants to UK-based organizations that support physical and creative activities for girls.

The Body Confident Sport initiative is an example of companies putting resources behind a social cause that aligns with each brand’s values and customer base.

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