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Everything You Need to Know About Google Search Essentials (formerly Google Webmaster Guidelines)

One of the most important parts of having a website is making sure your audience can find your site (and find what they’re looking for). The good news is that Google Search Essentials, formerly called Google Webmaster Guidelines, simplifies the process of optimizing your site for search performance. After all, getting your target audience to […]

How to Speed Up a Technical Audit Execution for Faster SEO Growth [Free Templates]

Move the needle faster, get quicker SEO buy-in, and show strategic improvements with Dhanya’s technical SEO audit tips and templates.

Ryan Reynolds’ Ingenious Marketing Tactics that Will Help Every Entrepreneur

Ryan Reynolds has masterfully blended humour, authenticity and strategic partnerships to redefine marketing in the digital age. His approach, characterised by its clever use of social media, viral content and personal branding, has not only upgraded his businesses but also set a new benchmark for how brands engage with their audience. 

Meet Sora, OpenAI’s Stunning New AI Video Generator

OpenAI is teasing a stunning new text-to-video model called Sora. And early examples of what it can do are blowing up the internet.

Google’s Surprise Release of a 1-Million Token Model

Google, hot on the heels of releasing Gemini Ultra 1.0, has surprised the AI world with the announcement of Gemini 1.5, including Gemini 1.5 Pro.

AI Rivals Band Together to Fight Deepfakes

AI can now flawlessly fake everything from celebrity endorsements to “live” footage of catastrophic events. And the scariest part?

[The AI Show Episode 84]: OpenAI Releases Sora, Google’s Surprise Launch of Gemini 1.5, and AI Rivals Band Together to Fight Deepfakes

After a whirlwind week of AI announcements, hosts Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput breakdown and analyze some key updates! Episode 84 of The Artificial Intelligence Show discusses the potential of OpenAI’s new video generation model, Sora, Google’s Gemini 1.5’s advancements, and efforts by major tech companies, including Meta, to regulate AI-generated content through the C2PA […]

5 Email Footer Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

I’ll admit: It wasn’t until I received a company email signed off with “ad maiora” that I paid attention to email footers. After looking up the meaning of the phrase — it meant “toward greater things” — I went back to the email and noticed the intricate and eye-catching graphic design right at the bottom […]

Shift Your Storytelling Strategy To Co-Create (and We Don’t Mean More Case Studies)

Great brand stories can attract and retain attention long enough to develop trust with your audience no matter where they are in their journey. But to get great stories, marketers must shift their storytelling thinking.

How to Create a Decent One-Page Local Business Site in the Face of the Google Website Shutdown

Nothing could be worse for a business than existing customers thinking you no longer exist. With millions of Google Business Profile websites being shut down, Miriam Ellis outlines your options for a free/cheap replacement site, with tons of tips for making a strong 1-page presence.

I Asked ChatGPT How to Answer Salary Expectations in an Email — Here’s What I Got

Like most job seekers, I’ve had to answer the dreaded salary expectation question over email. No matter how many times I’ve done it, it’s still nerve-wracking to put a number out there. What if I undercut myself because my number was too low? Or worse, what if I miss out on the job opportunity because […]

How Volatile Are Search Results? — Whiteboard Friday

How volatile are organic search rankings day to day? Tom dives into data he captured using STAT to answer this question.

Unlocking the Power of SEO Competitor Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of contents: Understanding competitor analysis in SEO Understanding Your Target Audience Features’ unique value proposition Factors for successful strategy Value as a key factor to set yourself apart How SEO competitor analysis maps to business objectives Warren Buffet’s theory on moats applied to SEO How to identify your SEO competitors – the advanced way […]

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 5 Types of Sick Day Emails to Send to My Boss — Here’s What I Got

In 2023, I decided to run a half marathon. As any long-distance runner would do, I found a training plan and set out to crush some practice miles. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans, right? My body failed me, and I fractured my hip. Which, unfortunately, resulted in me needing to […]

How Healthcare Businesses are Using Automation

Healthcare businesses use AI and automation to provide a better experience for their customers, patients, and care providers. The healthcare industry has been through one of its busiest and most challenging periods, leaving healthcare professionals and companies burnt out. With automation and AI, healthcare businesses are streamlining processes, reducing the workload for their team, and […]

9 Actions You Can Take To Get Better Content Results Without Spending More

Just because you have no more budget or a smaller team doesn’t mean you can’t up your content and marketing game. Follow these nine tips to strengthen your marketing success without asking for another dollar or marketing person to help.

Don’t Wait To See How Cookies Crumble; Cook Up a New Data Strategy Now

Decipher the third-party cookie conversation. Then, do something to create a data strategy that isn’t impacted by whatever solution Google and others ultimately come up with.

4 Phishing Email Examples Even I Could Fall For (& How to Spot Them)

Last year, I received an email from my “bank” alerting me to suspicious activity on my account. The layout and logo matched other official communications I had received from the bank, and I was naturally alarmed. But a few things just didn’t add up. Instead of using my name, it addressed me as “Dear valued […]

How Luxury Brands Market and What You Can Learn

I don’t easily fall for ads or grab products because of marketing tricks. Okay, okay…unless it’s a suitable luxury brand marketing strategy like a catchy video. In that case, I transform from someone who ignores ads to someone who needs that head-turning perfume as soon as possible. Do I really need it? Not at all. […]

Why Building Links with Digital PR Is Hard — And That’s OK!

Learn about why building links with digital PR is so hard, and understand what you can do to take the pressure off.

I Tried 10 AI Project Management Tools to See if They’re Worth It (Results & Recommendations)

AI project management tools simplify decision-making, keep projects rolling, and streamline communications. Pick the right project management tool, and you could save hundreds — even thousands — per year. I started in digital project management nine years ago, and AI project management tools were unheard of. The project management role was different than it is […]

5+ Real Ways AI Can Benefit Your Content and Marketing Today

Welcome AI onto your content and marketing teams. It can transform your data, SEO, idea generation, and research into bigger and better results for your strategy and audience.

Meet Chiara Carrozza, our Chief Operating Officer!

Leadership and strategic planning emerge as pivotal elements in the rapidly evolving tech industry landscape, where innovation and adaptability are the cornerstones of success. At the helm of these transformative journeys are visionary leaders who foresee the challenges ahead and chart a course that aligns with the company’s ambitious growth plans.  We meet Chiara Carrozza, […]

Long Form Ads: Do they work?

Remember those captivating long-form ads that felt like mini-movies? Are they relics of a bygone era, or can they still hold their own in 2024? With goldfish-like attention spans and endless content competition, the effectiveness of long-form ads sparks ongoing debate. So, the burning question remains: “Do long-form ads still work in 2024?” 

A Little More Love for Local Business FAQs

Be intentional when crafting your local business FAQ pages. A little more love for FAQs is worth the time, and the effort it takes to provide valuable insights for your team.

10 Best Ads For Super Bowl 58: A marketer’s perspective

Every year, the Super Bowl isn’t just about the clash on the gridiron; it’s also about the battle of the brands competing to conquer the viewers’ attention during commercial breaks. The Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right, with marketers pulling out all the stops to create memorable and impactful […]

[The AI Show Episode 83]: Google Bard Is Now Gemini, AI Agents Are Coming, and Sam Altman Seeks Trillions to Reshape AI

This week, you might notice something different about the podcast—we’ve changed the name to The Artificial Intelligence Show and dropped the word ‘Marketing’ from the title. Since our first episode, our audience has expanded beyond the marketing industry. In part of our evolution and our movement toward AI Literacy for All, we transitioned to our […]

Google Launches Gemini Advanced, Renames Bard

Google just made a huge AI announcement: Google Bard is now called Google Gemini—and you can now buy Gemini Advanced, a paid subscription that gives you access to Gemini Ultra, Google’s most powerful model.

AI Agents Are Coming

It’s more apparent each day that AI agents are becoming a reality—fast.

Sam Altman Is Raising Trillions to Reshape AI As We Know It

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is trying to raise as much as $5-$7 trillion to reshape AI.

How Financial Services Businesses are Using Automation

The finance industry lends itself well to AI. The industry manages much data, customer service, and daily trend analysis. One search for AI tools in the finance sector, and you’ll find millions of results. The key is knowing what to trial, where to bring AI to benefit your finance business and customers, and how to […]

3 Roles Marketing Leaders Plan to Recruit in 2024 [New Research + Expert Insights]

While most people are trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, marketers like myself are strategizing how to set their organizations up for success in 2024. Part of our strategizing is figuring out what roles, if any, we should hire for and who would be the best fit. You’ve come to the right blog […]

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