BBK Jobs

we are looking for TEAM

Hiring a team should be easy

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

We know that we all come to a point that we would like to improve and try a different chapter of our life … that’s why BBK is always opening doors for talented minds to join its team 

and we will always support our employees financially and mentally as our goal is building a better community by making life easier for us and for others


We are looking for people with strong character


Graphic Designer

BBK is Looking for a creative inelegant designer looking for a new adventure with his skills…

Marketing Team

Copy Writer (free-lance)

We always looking to build relationship and creat opportunities for others

it’s free so let us know if you think you good.

Devolopment & IT Team

Web Devoloper

Filled (please check again later)

Marketing team

Digital Marketer (E-marketing)

We are looking for a digital marketing specialised in Email marketing.

Marketing Team

Content Creator

we want some one to write this !!! can u? 

Media Production Team

Video Editor


When new Roles will open

Our coaching process team work

That's how busy our teams are on this fields That will indicate to you when roles will reopen we never let our team struggle.
Designs & Videos
Role will open Soon 92%
Web Devolopment
Role will open soon 58%
Role will open soon 88%

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